■Character: Ukraine | Hetalia
■Photographer: Seloria | Cosplayer: Doku

To be honest Ukraine was the first chara I wanted to cosplay when I got into hetalia, but friends convinced me to do Belarus instead, it wasn’t a bad decision back than because I was always quite suspicious about sewing pants (and I still am) and I also kinda fell in love with Belarus as well. After uhm … 3 years I finally did it and I’m happy now. I really hope to cosplay as Belarus once again at some point, but after a gain some weigh over the last year, I feel like Ukraine is more fitting for now

"▲▽▲" by イオ

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My whole summer lead up to this moment.

This comic had to be made. Either by my sister or me— it had to be done.

I wish I was sorry.

8/10 funniest moments from Kuroshitsuji manga | Easter scene with little this brat
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Artist: UnknownHerbert von Karajan: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Title: UnknownGrieg: Peer Gynt Suite #1, Op. 46 - 4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
Album: UnknownGrieg: Peer Gynt Suites, From Holberg's Time, Sigurd Jorsalfar
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Keigetsu Matsubayashi(松林桂月 Japanese, 1876-1963)

Shunsho-Kaei 2 春宵花影図 2  1939

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I met this albino Raven named Pearl today. It is only one of four known albino Ravens in the whole world.

Pearl lives in this woman’s house. The handler has a permit, and the bird is property of the government (like hawks and falcons). She is affiliated with the California Wildlife Center. Every time the handler stopped petting Pearl she started cawing. She really likes affection.

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Napoleon. 1895. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Description: “Napoléon” was a submission to a competition for a poster to advertise a new biography of the emperor. Lautrec’s composition is relatively conservative in its drafting and naturalistic in its detail, yet it is infused with a characteristic sense of immediacy and unconventional symbolism: the red, white, and blue horses suggest the French tri-color and the soldiers’ costumes evoke Napoleon’s campaigns in North Africa and Europe.

Though Lautrec had tempered his style to suit the academic tastes of the jury, the winner of the competition was Lucien Métivet who submitted an emblematic and heraldic design. Despite his third-place ranking, Lautrec was satisfied enough with his image to produce it in an edition of 100, without lettering, for an ever-growing market of collectors of fine-art lithographic prints. (Source)

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Christian Lacroix, haute couture collection, fall-winter 1997-96.

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