WA’s BOOT Anatomy Tutorial Pt2 by RadenWA frm DeviantArt

i’ve needed this in my life since forever


俺のセカキクやってみたPixiv ID: 24932053Member: オガワ

permission granted to upload by the artist


Pixiv ID: 24932053
Member: オガワ

permission granted to upload by the artist


the carro armato

every time they fired a shot, it got filled with smoke and caused all sorts of problems for those inside, so in the end, they often left it open. 


why do people look like their art styles so much
they don’t look exactly like it
but you can look at a person then at their art then back at the person and be like “yes, this is definitely the person who drew this”

I don't mean to ruin any dreams, but that site thrift books apparently doesn't go through with its orders, and if they do, the books are almost falling apart!

Aah, that’s a pity..

Don’t worry - as someone who’s used to visiting secondhand stores, this isn’t something unusual to expect for me. Other reviews (1,2) also stated similar things you said about the place, however, the ratio of positive/negative feedback is approximately balanced. 

In short, it’s worth to be careful over the internet, especially when it comes to online shopping, hm? I always take interest in reading ratings, reviews, and others beforehand.

Thanks for sharing! (your experience with them?) c: